Twitter Loves Rosin

By David Jenison on May 14, 2018

PRØHBTD recently covered a study that found most Twitter users hold cannabis in high regard, but a new study by many of those same researchers found that American tweeters also love the rosin technique, a solventless way to extract active resin from cannabis flowers. By applying moderate heat and consistent pressure, the technique produces a concentrate referred to as rosin. The eight researchers—who hail from New York, Ohio, Massachusetts and Thailand—published their findings in Drug and Alcohol Dependence

The awesomely titled "You Gotta Love Rosin" examined 8,398 English-language tweets (reposts excluded) that mention the rosin technique and concentrates, and nearly half contained information that helped the researchers identify the location of the original poster. What did they find? Per the study, "Twitter users and personal communication tweets about rosin were respectively up to seven and sixteen times higher between states allowing recreational use of cannabis and states where cannabis is illegal."

In other words, cannabis consumers with greater access to rosin were several times more likely to post a tweet showing love for it. This suggests an excitement for a cannabis product that's "advertised as a safer, more natural form of concentrates."

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