RE/MX: High Fidelity

Tyla Yaweh - "High Right Now"

"It's about a 24-hour Vegas trip," Tyla Yaweh said of the song in a recent interview with PRØHBTD. "I had to be in the studio the next day, and I just went out that night in Vegas and partied for my homie's birthday and did not sleep at all. I took a little hour nap, woke up, ate some breakfast in this big ass suite, and then started drinking Henny. I started feeling a little too lit, so I'm like, 'Why am I getting so lit?' Then I find out that they slipped Molly in my Henny. It was like, 'Damn, I'm up all the way.' I went to the casino, and then this guy is like, 'Where are you? You gotta go, you have a session today, I need you to get back here. It's gonna take you 'bout three, four, six hours to get back.' When I got there, we made this song."

Photo credit: Ryan Jay.

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