RE/MX: Eclectic Method


Have Vloggers killed the television star? In a phenomenon sure to confuse parents, the vlogosphere now claims countless millennial-aged stars, and many of the top names like Bethany Mota, HolaSoyGerman and Yuya get the video remix treatment in this new Eclectic Method release.


Get LOUD w/ Slink Johnson Remix

The Mindy Mix

Idiocracy Remix

Flula Borg Remix

Sci Fi Mixtape

Autotune the Movies

Vidibox Mix

Deadpool Remix

Hodor in da House

“Whiplashup” (with Genranon)

High Maintenance Remix

DJ Khaled Goes Deep House

"Rick and Morty" Remix

"Bernie VS Hillary: SUPERPAC"

Meta Hip Hop