Weed + Grub: The Podcast on Food, Sex and Cannabis

By David Silverberg on September 24, 2018

In the brave new world of "potcasting," the best on-air personalities are the ones who can entertain listeners while also educating them on the many nuances of cannabis culture. That’s why Weed + Grub, an L.A. podcast that launched in April, is winning over fans. Hosts Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson (yes, her real name) have developed a comfortable chemistry when they discuss cannabis, food and whatever else pops into their buzzed brains.

Whether the hosts are recounting how they tripped out on shrooms listening to the L.A. Philharmonic or the best THC-laden drinks on the market, the conversation is fluid, funny and never punctuated by the awkwardness that plagues so many talking-head podcasts. What they also convey is flexibility on what they chat about, despite the name of their podcast.

“We probably should’ve added ‘sex’ to our name,” Gibson muses. “We talk about everything under the sun, including sex.” They’ve invited experts on sexual education, such as their episode with transgender icon Buck Angel. “We try to find guests that excite us, that we want to learn from,” Gibson adds.

In fact, they landed a huge win by snagging Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame. In that August podcast, Chong regaled the hosts with stories about his time in the Taft Correctional Institution, what he hates about Trump’s policies and what really went on behind the scenes with Cheech Marin in Up in Smoke. Other episodes have the hosts riffing on the strains they like most, for example, or what it’s like to attend a cannabis-themed wedding.

In addition to podcasting, Glazer is a writer and comedian who co-stars in the PRØHBTD series High Tech, and he dipped his toes into culinary TV when he was hired to cook for Gordon Ramsay's The F Word. Gibson, who used to work as the culture editor at High Times, spends time as a consultant for cannabis companies.

Gibson says about Glazer, “I just knew, when I met him, that he was one of those people I wanted to make stuff with.” And get high with, of course. They both host the podcast buzzed on some bud “because it’s important to live truthfully, to do what we’re discussing every episode,” Glazer notes.

He adds, “We’re chill. We’re everyday people discussing everyday things, and I think our audience gets that.”

The underlying theme behind Weed + Grub is normalization. Glazer explains, “We’re all alone on this planet, and maybe we’re weird and different and that’s okay, so we want to promote positivity, from body positivity to drug positivity.”

The podcast hosts hope to tour their show across North America in the future. Glazer says excitedly, “We’d love to go to Montreal after pot is legalized in Canada and sample all the great food and smoke legal weed. Maybe I’ll do some stand-up while we’re on the road and then eventually we’d try all the fantastic weed and food from around the world.”

Photo credit: Lauren Hurt.

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