RE/MX: Eclectic Method

With the Bass

Paul Tutmarc, a Seattle-based musician and inventor, introduced the modern electric bass guitar in 1935. His creation didn't immediately take off—calling it a Bass Fiddle probably didn't help—but it would become an indispensable instrument by the 1950s. The bass sound clearly evolved in the decades that followed as evidenced by this Eclectic Method remix featuring 160 seconds of super heavy funk.

Point.Blank - "Smoke Marijuana"

Missio's Rad Drugz

The 1975 - "Chocolate"

Perfect Giddimani's "I Smoked a Spliff"

Zomby - "Spliff Dub"

Bilderbuch - "Spliff"

Ängie's “Housewife Spliffin'”

Left Boy's "Get High"

John Butler's "Used To Get High For A Living"

Logic's "We Get High"

Missio's "Everybody Gets High"

X-Raided's "Do You Wanna Get High"

Eric Yahnker X Convicts

Dan Auerbach - "Waiting On A Song"

Nothing But Thieves' "If I Get High"