Welcome to the digital experience that learns from you! WoahStork is a technology platform that allows consumers to schedule delivery orders, but unlike other services, it also helps them find the right products and makes recommendations based on stated needs and past purchases. The more you use WoahStork, the more it learns from your experiences, searches and purchases, which enables it to highlight your past favorites and recommend new products. Moreover, the platform that improves your cannabis purchases also rewards you for those purchases. Leave a review or share a comment, and your earned rewards can be redeemed for discounted or even free cannabis. This platform is redefining delivery.

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Design & Functionality

How it Works

Improving on traditional methods, WoahStork introduced a beautifully streamlined patient verification process that makes new patient onboarding a breeze. Signing up is as easy as sending a state-issued Identification card with your doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis. After a user is in the system, WoahStork applies its custom learning algorithm to design a taste profile specific to your needs and preferences.

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All the Perks

Multiple purchasing pathways are available to make sure consumers get exactly what they want. In addition to searching by strain or dispensary, WoahStork created the Strain Genie feature to alleviate any concerns someone new to cannabis might have. This individualized search engine allows customers to list a medical need, a desired experience or even a ideal mood, and the Strain Genie will recommend strains best fit to meet those requests.


Patients & Providers

If you are a vendor or grower looking to expand your market, all your featured products will be available for online purchases as patients are able to see where your particular flowers, extracts and other fine goods are available. Furthermore, WoahStork’s analytical tool tracks which products are selling best and where. WoahStork is dedicated to providing the best experience and products to the people they serve, with user-friendly navigation, weekly top strain profiles and breaking cannabis news. WoahStork makes sure everyone is only a Strain Genie away from delivery-on-demand perfection. "Wish granted!”

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Patients are always thrilled to know that their cost is 100 percent free! No paying membership fees or dealing with irritable Budtenders who really need a smoke break. Order your buds the no-hassle way, and let WoahStork do all the work!


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