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X-Raided's "Do You Wanna Get High"

American rapper X-Raided is out on parole after serving 26 years for a first-degree murder that he says he didn’t commit, and what better way to celebrate than by listening to his 1995 slow jam, “Do You Wanna Get High?” 

X-Raided’s new album is scheduled to drop this year, so you have plenty of time to catch up on all of the many releases he made during his time in prison (despite efforts by Attorney General Bill Lockyer to stop him) using the phone, then a cassette recorder, and finally a digital recorder given to him by a guard who was later fired for contraband distribution.

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Eric Yahnker X Convicts

Missio's Rad Drugz

Nothing But Thieves' "If I Get High"

Nicki Minaj - "Ganja Burn"

Death Grips - "Hustle Bones"

Jhené Aiko and Rae Sremmurd - "Sativa (Remix)"