Zambia Compares Cannabis to Diapers

By David Jenison on March 14, 2018

Legal cannabis sales are making headlines around the world, but cultures seem to process the numbers in different ways. Take, for example, the Lusaka Times in the African country of Zambia. The online news platform talked about the money being made by legal cannabis, and the writer made an odd comparison: "Marijuana sales in 2017 were… more than the annual revenue from diapers in the entire U.S."

This is probably the first time someone used Pampers in reference to cannabis sales, not including investors who shit their pants each time the stock market took a wild swing. Nevertheless, the site did make comparisons that made sense for Zambia's capital city. 

"The emerging [cannabis] industry generated nearly $9 billion revenue in sales in 2017," noted the article, citing data from BDS Analytics. "Meanwhile, copper revenue in Zambia from all mines put together, including ba jerabo, has plummeted from $6 billion in 2014 to $3 billion in 2017. Put differently, the marijuana business has risen from zero in 2014 to four times Zambia’s copper revenue in 2017."

The year 2014 is important because that's when Zambia's Green Party suggested the country change its cannabis laws. After saying the country's poverty is self-induced, the article argued, "Voting for the Green Party, Zambia would have helped the country jump out of the poverty frying pan by now."

After adding that cannabis sales are expected to reach $11 billion in 2018, the media site added that Zambia can forget about "jumping out of the poverty frying pan" if it remains "focused on petty issued." Assuming the article meant "petty issues," you can now add the Zambian press to the list of people throwing shade at cannabis prohibition. 

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